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I-539 application pending

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My sister is visiting and she entered US on Dec 22, 2019. Her 6 months stay is ending on June 22, 2020. I filed for I-539 for extending stay till December 22, 2020. Decision is still pending. I have couple of questions 


1. If decision doesn't come in next 1 week, will she be overstaying jeopardizing her visa and status?

2. If she decides to stay beyond June 22 pending review of her application and if decision comes denied, will she be considered staying in US unauthorized or will she have some days to travel back to india?


3. If she is staying beyond June 22, 2020 and decides to travel in july or august before I-539 decision, will she have any trouble with future visit?

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She can stay while her I539 is pending, if you are using COVID as the reason for able to travel back then you should not wait the whole of 6 months but leave once she get a flight ticket. 

If the extension is denied you will have to leave within 30 days of receiving the denial notice. 

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