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H4 Working Advisory

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My wife is currently on H4 visa without EAD. She has a offer from an Indian company paying in Indian Currency in Indian Bank account. Will she be able to work for that company from immigration visa rules perspective? I have found out from CA and CFAs that from taxation perspective it shouldn't be any issue. Is there a reference government material available which states this scenario? Many thanks in advance for your guidance.  

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No, that is not allowed.

In H4 status, a person can NOT work, period. It doesn't matter where the employer is located, it matters where she is located.

And a person on H4 would have to report the WORLDWIDE income to the US IRS.

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Hi - thanks for your response. 

Can you please guide me to a document or website which states this rule that "H-4 dependent spouse could not work from home in the United States for his or her native country employer on the native country salary". 

I tried to look it up on the USCIS website and couldn't find any documented decision specific to this scenario. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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