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B2 visa entry to US and COS to H4

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I in h1 in USA, and my wife is stuck in India. She was supposed to go for H4 stamping , but due to Covid lockdown it got cancelled. She has a B1/B2 visa validity remaining till 14 jul 30. I have few queries+

Can she travel to US on B2 with much less validity. Will be there be more scrutiny at POE 

If she can come here, can I apply for B2 extension and COS to H4? Is it allowed ? 

Will cos from B2 to H4 take too much time, considering don't want her to be out of status.

These are v tough times, so any insights will be helpful. Thanks 

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what will she say is the purpose of her 'tourism' request?

and a validity til 14 Jul '30 is odd, as a ten year validity is the norm...how could she have obtained a visa a month from now? 

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Hi @Aprsac 

I am in the same boat as you are in. It is uncertain isn't it how port of entry responds and subsequent change of status to H4 could be. 

I'm also trying to find guidance on this. Could you post the progress you made on this for my/everyone's benefit. 



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