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On F1 visa been working in the school IT department.

End of March department and leadership has told us to support more hours to help COVID issues as school got closed and moved to online.

We have asked that as international students we cannot work for more than 20hr but they have sent an email confirming that leadership has ok'd to do more than 20hr and report the hours to them. The schedule has also been given to work more hours.

Now DSO writes to the IT department to terminate the employment from this Monday and today he comes back saying as per legal we are terminating your SEVIS as you worked more than 20hr which HR department has told us (after running payrolls for 6 weeks) and coming Tuesday your SEVIS will be terminated and if interested college will support for the reinstatement of F1.

Any suggestions or help is highly appreciated.

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just another sleazy diploma mill. I think that Alliance Univ had a Memorial Day sale on diplomas, just $99.95 and you could get a printed degree in just about any topic.

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You absolutely can't work more than 20 hours while classes are in session. HR or the department approving it is irrelevant. The law does not allow more than 20 hours/week, and the university can not override that.

You should have said 'No' when they asked you to work more.

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21 hours ago, 02112018 said:

CPT is illegal currently. So better request your school to terminate your employement and keep the SEVIS active.

This isn't CPT. Please educate yourself.

Work on campus is always allowed, but not more than 20 hours when class is in session.

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