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EVC stamping @ Ottawa

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All -

I am due for a stamping at Ottawa in a few days...think got all the documents but a

Quick question on Purchase order etc

I am not carrying any specific (date wise) PO from Client to Vendor to Employer but carrying the following:

1. Master Services Agreement between Vendor and Employer with no mention of the client - it's just a services agreement that vendor works with my employer and they have a contract

2. Client Letter - says that I am engaged through the vendor since XX date. What I do and how long do they want me for (it's open)

----I am not carrying a vendor letter either-----

Do you this would suffice or should I be taking more than these document...being diligent here.

Have the right paystubs, W2s, paid all the time...never on bench

Anything else I should be worried about? Recent visitors, please advice

As always, Thanks!


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All the best Rashiars!!

BTW when is your appointment? i am planning for november 3rd or 4th week. afterwards we need your experience and great suggestions.

Best of Luck!

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Will keep you guys posted!

My vendor is not very cooperative in giving the letter!

It's usually the clients who don't give such letters but in my case it's the opposite!

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I've appointment on Oct 4th. I have one question. On the usvisainfo website, there is an option to submit documents to consulate. Are we supposed to submit some documents in advance? Also, do we need to do anything for PIMS verification?

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can you please share your case detail. H1 first time or F1 to H1 or H1 extension?

Working for Client or direct employer?

How many days does Ottawa takes for returning your passport after the interview if the Visa is apporved? Anybody knows this?

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