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Extending stay beyond visa for Medical reasons

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Dear All,

               My father in law is here in US with us for cancer treatment along with my mother in law. Their 10 year visa is expiring this September. 
The doctors would like for us to go for a 6 month treatment. 
Is their any way they can stay here beyond their visa duration, if so what is the process. 
Also would like to make sure any thing i do here doesn’t impact their visa renewal once they are back in India.

not sure if it matters but i am on H1B with I140 approved.

appreciate any help here.



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US visas are only for entry and the visa's expiration date is just the last day that they can use the visa to enter. It has nothing to do with how long they can stay. How long they can stay are granted at the time of entry, and is usually 6 months for B2. So they can even enter the US in September on the very day their visa expires, and probably be admitted for 6 months.

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You can file for their B2 extension and submit the documents from the Doctor and hospital which mentions the 6 month treatment. You can use that when apply for Visa extension in India. You should be OK as you have a valid reason for the extension. 

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