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Green card - Primary Evidence of Birth

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I've applied for my mom's GC and is RFE now for below -

1. Primary evidence for her birth  - She doesn't have Birth certificate but has Secondary School Cert. Please guide if any kind of affidavit works to confirm non-availability of her birth certificate.

2. Also my mom had her dad's name as her last name before marriage. Her passport has my dad's name as last name. Is affidavit from her sibiling work ?

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Affidavits from elders like Aunts, Uncles, and other close family members. NonAvailibilty certificate for BC from the appropriate MunicipalOffice for which you will need to use the maxim "Money Talks" and look for appropriate intermediaries who will do the necessary.

Additionally, point out that BC'S were only mandated in the mid-seventies and it was quite usual before that not to have BC'S.

After receiving all this, they will offer the option of getting a DNA test to prove the relationship.

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1. If your parents are in india, go to nearest govt muncipal office and provide her details to get the birth certificate.

2. contact attorney

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