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H1B extension RFE on Specialty Occupation

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I received an RFE for speciality occupation for the H1b extension filed in April. My original H1b with the same employer and title was filed and approved without RFE in 2017. I am a full-time direct hire since then. My current job title is "Software Application Developer". My extension was filed with SOC 15-1132. 

The employer company is a tech giant with almost 10k+ employees. However, the employer is not H1b dependent.  I hold a Masters in Software Engineering from an accredited university in the USA. 

With the petition, I had mentioned my duties from the offer letter. I also attached an organizational chart. 

Still, I received an RFE for a speciality occupation. What could have gone wrong? How can I correct this and by attaching what documents?

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RFE is not about your, its about the job that was offered to you. The job duties might not have reflected that the job qualifies as specialty occupation. Work with your attorney and you will need to submit a detailed description of you job and responsibilities. 

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Just because USCIS issued an RFE does not mean something went wrong. This is what USCIS does. Sometimes they issue RFEs. The fact that you previously had an H1B approved without an RFE does not mean it was right and this is wrong. Getting an RFE is normal. Unfortunately,

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