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Shree Harisha

Repayment Agreement by Previous Employer

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Hello All. Need some help.

After my graduation, I got a call from a consulting company (which became my first employer later) that offered to train me for the role of analyst and market my resume. I joined this company and they provided me with some online study material in the form of pdfs and video sessions. I got a job and am working with my second employer now.

Before training, the first employer made me sign a contract also known as the "Repayment Agreement" which stated that I was required to pay 20% of every paycheck I received to them for a period of 18 months. The medium of this 20% deduction is e-check that authorizes them to automatically deduct the money from my bank account every 15 days (as I get paid bi-weekly). I wish to get out of this Repayment Agreement now as it charges a lot from my salary. This company is based in Ohio. 

Would appreciate thoughts and help in this regard. 

Thank you. 

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Get hold of a LABOR Lawyer and discuss the contract. Then change your bank or instruct your current bank to stop making those payments.

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