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stimulus package query

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I filed 2018 tax return with my spouse ITIN (married filling jointly) but I filed 2019 tax return (married filling jointly) with my spouse SSN. I did not get stimulus payment as I filed 2019 return  on 04/27 as they started sending stimulus payment direct deposit starting on April 15th so I did not get payment due to my wife ITIN on 2018 tax return. 

Will they reconsider me for stimulus payment as I have valid SSN number for both (mine & spouse) on 2019 tax return? do I need to follow up?

Thanks in advance.

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You are eligible for the stimulus payment if they use the 2019 tax year. It is unclear how exactly IRS chooses between the 2019 tax year and 2018 tax year. It is possible that they check once and find that you did not file for 2019, and switch permanently to 2018, so won't look at your 2019 tax return even when you file it. It is also possible that they will look at your 2019 tax return when you file it, even after checking your 2018 tax return and determining that you don't get any payment.

In any case, you would be able to claim the payment as a tax credit on your 2020 tax return if you didn't get a check, since you are eligible for the 2020 tax year also.

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