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Filing I-130 for parents, I don't have birth certificate

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I am USC (born in India). I wish to file I-130 for my parents. However, I do not have a birth certificate. I do have non-availability of BC letter and affidavits from both parents. Is that usually accepted/enough to establish relationship? 

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From your message, it is not clear if you are referring to birth certificate from the U.S. or lack of birth certificate from India too.

How did you claim your U.S. citizenship and passport without valid proof for your birth?

In general, the non-availability certificate along with affidavit from two people who were old enough to testify the time, place and parentage at the time of your birth should help.

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Just as a point of interest. The NABC along with said affidavits was enough for my Green Card all those years back. Two years back when I applied for my Mom's GC, they did not accept the above proof and gave me the option of a DNA test to prove the relationship.

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