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PERM pending 365 days

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My details are as below

PERM application date is 20 Jul, 2019

H1b visa expiry is 10 June, 2020

H1b Max out date is 15 Sep, 2020

I had below queries

1. If my PERM is still pending, can I apply for combined recapture of time in 6 year visa (i.e until 15 Sep 2020) + 7th year extension until 15 Sep 2021.

If yes to above query and I apply for the combined extension, and then if my PERM is approved before 20 Jul, 2020 (i.e. before 1 year PERM pending is completed from my PERM application date) but the decision on my extension is still pending.

Now, since my PERM is no longer pending,

          a. Will my H1b extension still be applicable. I think I can keep waiting for a decision on my H1b extension, but 7th year extension will be denied, since PERM is no longer pending. Am I right?

          b. If Yes to above query in (a.), then can I reapply for 7th year extension (while waiting for combined extension) based on Approved PERM and filed  application of I140, since my priority date is more than a year from max out date.

          c. What options do I have if my PERM is approved before 20 Jul, 2020 i.e before 1 year PERM pending is completed and while waiting for a decision on my combined H1b extension. 


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You can't apply for the 7th year before July 20th 2020. You can't assume it will be pending and apply for an extension now. 

You can apply for recapture time now and later if PERM is pending you can apply again. 

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