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H1B Clock Reset Eligibility based on my case history

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Hi Team - Please find the detailed case history of my H1B and let me know if i'm eligible for clock reset. 

Infosys filed my H1b first time in 2013 and my visa was valid till Sep 2016. Travelled to USA on Infosys payrolls in Nov-2013 and returned to India in Feb 2014 as there were no projects. Stayed back in India from Mar-2014 to Jan-2015 (total stay out of country is 11 months).

Travelled back to USA in Feb 2015 on Infosys payrolls and transferred H1B to CapGemini in Jan 2016. My H1b petition was approved till May 2018 with CapGemini. Moved back to India in Sept 2018 to CapGemini offshore payrolls. Though my initial petition with CapGemini was till May-2018, my H1b amendment was approved till Mar-2019 and hence I was asked to stay in the country beyond my H1b petition approval.

I have joined Accenture in India and they transferred my H1B (quota exemption case) and I appeared for visa interview and got my visa approved till Sept-2021. Travelled back to USA on Feb-29-2020 on Accenture payroll. My total stay in India between Sept-2018 and Feb-2020 is around 16 months. 

Please do Let me know if you need any additional info.  



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The clock only resets if you are abroad for at least a year and then a new H1 in the quota is filed.

It did not reset for you.

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For clock to be reset, you will have to stay Out of US for 1 whole year at a stretch AND also go thought the lottery again.

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