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Dear Sir,

My H1B is valid as per USCIS website (USCIS.gov) and i94 is valid till September 30 2020. My last payroll was run more than 60 days ago. My employer still not revoked or informed USCIS.  Am I now out of status, how do I check? Is there any online tool other than USCIS.GOV OR i94 websites, to check my status in USA. Kindly educate me on this. Many thanks.🙏

Also at least I am not aware of my employer had updated USCIS, how do I know or any place when I can find myself without me asking them.

Best Regards

Palakodeti Prasad

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You do not need to check that. You are out of status irrespective of what it's showing on website or your employer have notify USCIS or not. 

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On H1B, there is no concept of bench and your employer must pay you regularly.

Did you resign or your employer fired you.

If employer fired you or you resigned by law employer must let usics know and revoke your H1B.

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If you have not being paid for more than 60 days, you are treated as out of status. This won't reflect in any online status. But you will need to submit your paycheck when you file for a transfer or extension that is when you will run into issues. 

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