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Change of status L2 to H4

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I am currently working on L2 EAD. My L2 EAD is valid until April 25.

My husband applied for change of status to H1 (for himself) and H4 and H4 ead application for me. H1 application got approved on April 1. But H4 and H4 ead are still in progress. I have not received any biometric letter as of now and since uscis office is close until May 3rd due to Covid-19.

uscis announced that they will reuse previous biometric for EAD. Is that applicable for my case too. Or i have to wait until they open ASC.

Also what are my other options in the mean time as I sm going to lose my job after April 25th?

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11 hours ago, Rachita said:

uscis announced that they will reuse previous biometric for EAD

I don't think it will apply for your case as the biometircs are for H4 and not for EAD. Biometrics for H4 are not relaxed. 

You will have to wait for ASC to open and H4 and EAD will most likely not be approved by Apr 25th (sorry!). Typical wait time is 6 months.

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Rachita- Hope you got some progress on your case. Wanted to check one thing though- is the L2 EAD valid till the EAD end date (i.e. were you able to work till Apr 25th, even if your H4/EAD were in processing with H1 separately processed for your spouse)?

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