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H1B Visa Stamp after divorce

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Good Morning,

My current H1B visa expires on 20th July 2020. I have an approved Form I797 till March 2022. 

1) I came to India on vacation and planning to go for H1B visa stamping. 

2) I got divorced, but my ex-spouse name is still in my passport. 

Can I go for H1B visa stamping by mentioning my marital status as Divorced in DS160? 

I dont have time to remove my ex-spouse name from passport due to the current coronavirus situation. 

Will this affect my H1B Visa stamping chances?  Please clarify. 


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Thanks for clarifying. Yes I have the divorce decree, Should I notarize and add that to list of drop box documents or should I provide them only if they ask? 

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You are good to go to visa stamping. In DS 160 give status as divorcee and carry all documents. Better to consult US immigration attorney just to be safe.

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Please note that even if your passport mentions the name of your ex-spouse, you must be truthful on the visa application form DS160 and indicate your current marital status. You may be required to produce all the requisite documents including the divorce decree if requested by the consular officer. If you qualify for submitting the visa application through the Interview Waiver Program (IWP), you can proactively include a copy of your divorce decree when you submit your application through the dropbox. It is perfectly fine if the support staff do not accept this document as your visa is not dependent on your marital status as long as your H1B visa is approvable otherwise.

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