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Employee might be laid off while on L1A

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Hello Everyone,

One of my close friend is working for a reputable IT company. She is on L1A. Recently she has been charged that she had fabricated receipts and claimed reimbursements.

My friend did not do any and believe she has been trapped by her management. 

The company is saying that they have all the evidence.

My friend is unable to show the credit card statements that were used for paying the receipts. Below are the questions:

1. Since she does not have enough evidences to prove her innocence, can she plead guilty (with the sole intention of staying in the job and USA)

2. If she goes back to the employer and tells that she did not do it however not able to produce any evidence, what will happen?

3. Can the employer file any criminal action against my friend?

Thanks in advance for your response.

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