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Counselor Processing Success Rate

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Hello Friends,

I was in US on H1B till Oct, 2010 and my I-140 was approved, then I came to India and did not get my VISA stamped so could not travel back to US. My Employer sold his company and revoked my -140. Now I want to start the GC Process through CP, so I checked with attorney and I can keep the PD but have to get the PERM processed through another employer based on Future GC and it will be a new start of the process. 

I have below questions - 

1) Can the person who bought my old company apply again for I-140 and start the GC/CP process?

2) What is the success rate of this process? how long it takes?

3) Do I need to start the GC/CP process for my dependents at the same time?

Can someone please let me know if this can be done? 





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Even the old company would have to start over from scratch with PERM, because the I-140 is revoked.

Pretty much no employer starts the GC process without knowing your work, so they usually want to see you working on H1 for a while before they spend nd the money for the GC.

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Was you I140 revoked before or after 2017?

Any employer can file for a GC if they have a job for you. It will take approximately 18 months if your date is current. 

Dependents will be added at the time of filing i485.

Approval will depend on your case.

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