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Extension of B2 visa for my mom due to COVID 19

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I want to file an extension for my mom's B2 visa. She is suppose leave on April 18 2020. But due to the current situation i would like to extend her visa, as age is a risk factor for COVID 19. Can i state this reason for the extension to USCIS. Please advice. 

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COVID-19 is not a valid reason for extension. It's a pandemic, meaning it is worldwide. And due to the bother response from the current US Administration it is going to get much worse here. Does she have health insurance?

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The only thing I have found is for Visa Waiver Program visitors (i.e., mostly visitors from Western Europe.) That is not specific to COVD-19, but a general rule for VWP (sorry, I can't post the link here.)

Basically, if an emergency prevents a VWP visitor from departing on time, a "period of Satisfactory Departure" may be granted, for up to 30 days. That usually requires a visit to a USCIS office, but with USCIS offices now closed, CBP may adjudicate requests for Satisfactory Departure. Apparently, that's currently only done at the JFK and Newark, New Jersey airports.

In any case, people who reach the end of their I-94 should discuss their situation with a good lawyer.

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