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Joining the client in a different role

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In one of the top 5 Indian companies (let's call it A)- here on h1b - client(let's cal it B) wants me to join them.

Noone from A are responsive to meeting invitations / emails / phone calls from B to discuss me moving from A to B.

Yes, there is a non-compete, both between A and B, and between A and me.


B is saying that there is risk involved but since they have attempted to communicate multiple times, and met with no response, the next step is for me to go ahead and resign and join A.


What should I do? How harsh can be the legal implications? Both A and B are big players in the market. Will B risk the engagement and go after A?


In case, I decide to take the risk, what should I prepare for? Given that I won't be leaving in the most ideal scenarios, should I collect any documents before I announce, like employment letter etc..?



Any guidance will be much appreciated. 

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You posted it in a wrong section.

A is not responding because he doesn't want you to leave and he knows that you can't leave without him saying yes. 

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