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In-Laws Tourist Visa Denied

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My Brother-in-law, his Wife and his Mother (my Mother-in-law) all 3 went for US Visitor Visa (B1/B2) at Kolkata, India. They were denied Visa with the reason of 214(b) . Not sure if the CoVid-19 situation is affecting the Visitor Visa applications, but I had few questions. 

Basically My brother-in-law is a business man and he had all the right documents - ownership, IT return but was asked none of the documents. I (staying in US) showed complete sponsorship for all 3 of them  and then provided all the required documents. I had previously sponsored my parents and Sister and they were approved Visa. 

So my questions are:-

1)  When should we next reapply for their Visitor Visa (Recommended gap duration)

2)  Is it still okay for all 3 of them to go as a group Interview as before or Mother-in-Law separate Interview from Brother-in-law and his wife.

3) Is it a good Idea for me or my wife to show full sponsorship for them or this might be ruining their case in case US govt would think that none of the foreign money is being spent here. If you think they should rather show financial support from their side then please let me know as he will be able to show this from his side. 

4)  Also will it matter if he visits a different consulate office (Hyderabad, India) than the one where he got rejected (Kolkata,India) or will it make his case weaker.

Lastly, just wanted to let you know that when he was asked "Purpose of travel to US" , he said -  "Family Get-together (visiting me and my wife) and visit places in USA" . Not sure if should have avoided the comment family get-together. 

Please let me know your responses and share your experiences as I am hearing of this more often these days.



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1- they can reapply anytime they wish...however, a quick request can appear as desperation

2- trying the 'divide and conquer' strategy will fail miserably....COs have seen this transparent ruse...when I encountered it, my response was to (a) deny the newest applicant and (b) revoke the previously issued visa(s)....presuming that everyone was trying to pull a fasts one on me, and I had the instant curekjn  

3- totally and 100% worthless....whatever financial representations you or anyone else makes has no positive effect on the outcome of an interview because you cannot be held legally responsible for their actions nor be compelled to pay for anything; therefore promises to do so are not enforceable and will not make a weak case strong.

4- Playing the 'visa shopping game' will just look like desperation....and those interviews will be even faster and unsuccessful.

For how long did they say they were planning to visit?....and as an aside, papers/documents are not interviewed by COs....like the empty sponsorship promise, papers cannot make a weak case strong....papers are neutral at best and often harmful.

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Thanks for your response. They said that they were planning to visit for "2 months" . Was that more and show we just stick to 2-3 weeks instead of months. Also only my brother in law was asked questions (below): 

- How long you are planning to visit?  - 2 months

- Reason for Visit? - Visit sister and bro-in-law (sponsor) and travel USA for tourism

- What to do you do? - Business (He had relevant papers but those were not asked) 

Neither his wife nor his mother was asked any question. 

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OK...how can the BIL leave a 'business' for 2 months?????? Not possible realistically...ergo, the CO presumed that he would be working while in the US...changing the planned visiting time to something else just looks phony...(because it is)...

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Thanks Noah for responding to me. So whats your suggestion here. When should he apply next (after how many months). Now will it help him applying the next time if he changes the duration from 2 months to 2-3 weeks

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changing the duration to something less just indicates that the applicant is trying to fool the CO...guess what the results will be? No one can leave an actual business for 2 months, one that is prospering, but it is all too easy to leave one that is floundering, then try to work in the US to make $$$...imagine the next interview...

CO- last time you said you were going to visit for 2 months, now two weeks, why the change?

BIL - well, er, I realized that my business needs me back sooner...

CO- why didn't the business need you before?

BIL - well,  er, we just got a big order and we have to process it...

CO - can I see the order?

BIL - well, er, I forgot it....but here's a letter from my relative in the US, explaining everything...

CO- why can't you explain it to me? What's the name of the company that made this big order from your business?

BIL - Well, er....uh....I don't have that information with me...

CO...(end of interview)


his credibility will evaporate when he tries to weave a new story about this sudden change of visiting time...

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Hi Ish!

At the outset, the consular officers do not refuse a visa based on a global pandemic situation. In general, all B2 visa applicants must overcome the presumption of immigrant intent under INA §214(b) by establishing the purpose of trip, availability of funds and evidencing strong ties to home country during the visa interview. The consular officers make a positive determination based on the information provided on the visa application Form DS-160 and information elicited at the visa interview. The consular officers seldom review the papers carried for the visa interview. However, it is important for the applicant(s) to carry the documents for visa interview. One should note that most applicants with strong ties to home ties can reapply anytime. It is best for you to consult an experienced immigration attorney to understand the complexities involved in reapplying for B2 visa together as a family and from a different consulate.

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