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h1b amendment and i94

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I am on my h1b  which ends on Aug 2021. My visa and i-797 are also valid until that date.

When I entered the US in Jan 2020 I was granted i-94 until April 2020 which followed my passport expiry date.

I have since renewed my passport.

Now I realize that while returning from at trip to Mexico or Canada will generate a new i-94.


However, my company had filed for a location change amendment in Feb 19. This long pending case with USCIS got approved on Feb 12th 2020 after I entered the US. Now I have a new i94 number from USCIS which is valid till Aug 2021.

Do I still need to travel outside US ?

If not how can I confirm that not taking any action will be OK? Can I call CBP and explain my situation ?

Thanks in advance!


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You would still have to travel because the I94 which came with the extension might be an old one and I would not recommend banking on that. 

You can try calling your Local CBP and see if they can update I94 without travel. 

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What do you mean by i-94 number may be old? Since it was filed in 2019 ?

The i-94 number in the new document is different from the i94 on old i-797.

I am wondering, since the document was approved on Feb 12th, isn't the USCIS issued i94 the latest?


Local CBP says they only correct CBP mistakes. 

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Your I94 number changed as you traveled recently. The one you applied in 2019 was extended but that's not the latest one for you.

So you will have to travel to get a new I94 number with the updated end date. 


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