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H1B1 to Tourist Visa

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Hello there,

I am a Singapore citizen currently on a H1B1 Visa for Singaporeans. The visa was suppose to last till June 2020. However, I was laid off on Jan 31 2020 because the company I was employed at and sponsored by closed down. I understand that I am on my 60 day grace period and have till March 31 2020. I am currently in the midst of securing new employment with a new H1B1 sponsorship application. 

In the situation where I am still in the process of securing a new employer/sponsor before March 31 2020, I would like to carry on being present in the US on a tourist visa. Either to finalize my new employment or to wrap up my affairs. I understand that Singapore is eligible for the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). How can I change my visa status to a tourist visa? Preferably without leaving the US. Alternatively, would I be able to cross the border into Canada and be able to come back into the US in based on the VWP?

I appreciate any advice or help. Thank you!

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