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B2 Tourist Visa Renewal for mom

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Hello - Iam on H1B and planning to renew my Mom's Tourist Visa which expired in Nov 2019. She had it for 10 yrs and during that period she visited me 4-5 times and 3 times i had extended her stay by 3-4 months as she was alone in INDIA(my father expired in 2009 Sep). Last time when she landed in US along with my sister's family(my sister is a US CITIZEN) at SFO, the immigrations officer pointed out that my Mom had already extended her stay 3 times in the past visits and he would only allow her into US if she is leaving the US within the stipulated next 6 months. She did leave US within 6 months.

Since iam going in for a renewal for her, i had few questions.

1. Will the situation / issue which happenned at SFO airport have any bearing on her Visa Approval?

2. Assuming the Visa is approved, will landing again at SFO, as port of entry , while travelling from INDIA, cause any issue at Immigrations?

3. Is there a risk involved, if my brother-in-law who is a US CITIZEN, applies/sponsors her B2 tourist visa rather than me? I mean all the supporting     documentation is provided by my brother-in-law. Since he is a US CITIZEN, does he applying for B2 tourist visa for my mom give an impression to Visa Officer about my mom being a potential immigrant?


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1- it could, as genuine tourists do not spend 9-10 months per year in the US....if they are providing child care however, that would explain the true reason behind any extension request...and child care = work, and work is not allowed by B2 visa holders...I would expect some intense questioning

2- once again, yes for the reason above

3- this is silly..do you really believe that COs or CBP officers are so naive that they would be lulled into a false sense of security based on who is inviting someone to the US or paying for their airline tickets? ....if you think that playing some document game is clever....then try it...see what happens.

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1. VO will see the same data and have same questions on why she extended her status. Hope she has a valid reason for the extension.

2. Even if land at an other airport the travel history wont change.

3. There is no concept of sponsoring for B visa.  

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