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H1B 2020 questions

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Hi all,

As the process has changed this year for the H1B 2020, I have couple of questions.

1. Assume Company A has applied for the H1B and it gets picked up in the lottery. Say, I have changed to Company B then can the Company B go ahead and file the complete H1B application ?  Is this possible for 2020 ?

2. I'm working in Company A and have an offer from Company B. Both the companies have registered the H1B in the lottery and the application gets selected. Now, can I move to company B after the lottery result and then can company B file the complete H1B application ?

3. Let's say Company A has applied for the H1B and it gets picked up in the lottery. Company A has applied for premium processing and it takes around 15 days to know the result of the H1B application. Assuming my Mid of June the H1B Visa is approved, can I change to Company B starting from July and apply for H1 transfer or do I have to wait until October 1st to change the company and H1 transfer ?

Please answer these questions as there is lot of confusion.


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1. No, I don't think that will be possible because the h1 will be tied for a particular employer and an employee. 

2. I would not advice anything like that since we don't know how USCIS will treat multiple filings starting this year.

3. You will need to wait till Oct, atleast that's the best option.

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1. I guess it is not possible. B will have to file a separate registration if they want to take your case forward.

2. If both the application gets selected, you can choose to join either of them and complete the application.

3. I think you will have to wait till October 1 to get your H1 activated. I could be wrong.

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