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Change in Job Title during Immigrant Visa Interview

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Hello All,

I have received immigrant visa interview appointment (consular processing) which is in mid of march. I was in US 10 years back and initiated GC process during 2007. Then I moved to India during 2008 and now my current job title changed as my experience moves on. My job title was "System Analyst" when my GC process was initiated. My current job title is Enterprise Architect and definitely the job title which was in my labour and my current experience/job title will not match. Should my employer update my job title matching my current experience and skills in the updated employment offer letter? Anyone experienced this? Any advice on this please?

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What is your employers take on the matter?

Discuss the matter with the employer and a lawyer of your own. You are going to join the sponsor as a System Analyst though it is their call as to what else you can do for them.


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