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Do 3 year extension request need long term PO?

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I work for UPS as a consultant. My extension is coming up and I want to know if a long term PO is required to get a 3 year extension. My employer is stressing on this, and this is something the vendor cannot help with. 

The PO renewal happens Year on Year. My client also does not give client letters. What could be the best course of action to make sure that a 3 year extension is obtained? This will be my first extension



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Yes, you will need PO for 3 years to apply for a 3 year extension. USCIS is issuing RFE's if you submit 1 year PO and ask for 3 year extension. Employer will have to show availability of work for 3 years to ask for 3 year extension. 

You can submit with the letter from the vendor and hope they will not ask for a client letter. 

My 2 cents, get an extension this time and more to a better client. 

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