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New H1b Transfer petition denied but I-94 Valid

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I am in a tricky situation now. I was laid off last year 1/15/2019 and was able to file the h1b transfer on 3/15/2019 with my new employer (B) which is the last day of the 60-day grace period. I've been working on h1b receipt since then and it was filed under regular processing. On 1/20/2020, the status changed to Denied but I haven't received the denial letter yet as of 2/25/2020. My previous employer (A) revoked my h1b on 11/19/2019 and my i-94 is valid until Oct 2021. My question is whether I have a 60 day grace period now (since my i-94 is valid)? or will I be considered out of status since 3/15/2019? and Can my current employer (B) file for a new petition under premium processing now?


My lawyer said I have another 60 days since this is a new petition but I wanted to get a second opinion. There are just too many topics online and I couldn't come to a conclusion. Please help!


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Your laywer said is correct, but since you received a denial I am not sure if you will get the 60 day grace period. Best thing might be for your employer to file a new petition in Premium and you leave the country and come back with new visa and I94. 

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