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Ram Singh

H1b Amendment Joining Date

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If an employee who is on H1b got a Job at a New Location, and his Employer is ready to file an H1b Amendment Petition with USCIS, So

Q1. When can Employee Join or Report at Client location?

  • Can he join or Report at Client location based on FedEx Delivered date
  • Should he wait until his employer receiving his Receipt Notice from USCIS
  • Can he join or Report at Client location before filing his H1b Amendment petition with USCIS

Q2. Can his Employer File his H1b Amendment petition after Employee reporting to the client and start working for them?

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Employee must join Employer after getting USCIS Receipt Notice not FEDEX. Once he/she joins employer then employer can decide when to join client.

Yes. But it has some time limit. Employer does once employee join client and get client letters and related documents.

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It is best to join after the approval, if that is not an option then at least after getting the receipt notice. 

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