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Renew USA passport at 18 years of age and passport achieved based on parent’s citizenship

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Hello Murthy Forms,

First of all, thank you very much for your serve. This is my situation please provide your expertise to help on this,

1) Few years back I got USA citizenship thru naturalization process

2) When I receive USA citizenship my son was 14 years old, and I applied USA passport for my son he got passport with in few weeks. I did not apply "Certificate of Citizenship (N600)” for him

3) Now he turned into 18 years, and his passport is expiring in 8 months. I was reviewing passport renewal application it looks like he has to submit proof of citizenship to renew his passport?  

4) What are my options to renew his passport? currently he does not have driving license or state    ID except college student ID. 

Kindy help on this.

Thank you.






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58 minutes ago, newacct said:

He can just submit his old US passport as proof of citizenship.

If you renew the passport you have to send in the old one, anyway. They invalidate it and send it back. The old passport IS proof of citizenship. Nothing else is necessary.

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Thank you very much for the responce. 

USPS is asking to get state ID as secondary identification.  I went to SSN office to update his record when he got citizenship, can I use his SSN as secondary proff ?

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