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H4 EAD please help urgent !!!!

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H-4 had questions    

Hi I wanted to get an idea regarding the filing of H-1b, H-4 and H-4ead together. I am in the process of finding new employment and My wife’s H-4 EAD is set to expire on 31st July.

I wanted to know if it is wise to file H-1b, H-4 and H-4 ead in premium processing. From what I understood the “biometric” appointment is when the H-4 application detaches from the H-1b application.

My questions are as follows:
1. Can I file H-1b, H-4 and H-4 ead in normal processing and wait till fingerprinting is done and then upgrade the application to premium processing attaching the biometric receipt ?
2. How long does it take to get the biometric appointment after you file the H-1b transfer, H-4 and H-4 had application ?

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1. You can do as you said, try that and see if they process H4 and EAD with H1 premium. 

2. Depends on where you live and what is the wait time in your local ASC. Typically you will get an appointment confirmation in 2-3 weeks after filing and the appointment will be 2-3 weeks after you get the letter. 

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