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Don't want to go into the details but I was fined once for $300 at port of entry for carrying curry leaves. Currently, my employer is planning to initiate PERM process for me and the attorney has sent me a questionnaire to fill out. One of the question says below. 

"Have you ever been arrested, cited, charged, indicted, fined or imprisoned for breaking or violating any laws or any ordinance, excluding minor traffic violations?"

Do I have to say YES or NO for it? Please advise.

Thank you very much!!

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Mention that you were fined for violating agricultural regulations. You must now have realized that curry leaves are abundant in many areas of this country and your friendly neighborhood Indian Grocer will be able to provide a limitless supply?

On a side note if a question asks about fines, what part makes you hesitate to mention a fine as an answer.?

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Thank you for your comments. I know that we can get abundant curry leaves in the US. That was my third visit to the US. It was a clear mistake on my end.

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