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Rules for i-140 skill letters

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Hello, few questions, please help

1.Lawyr say don't get more skills than needed. when askd why they its suggestion but dont get more.why?

2.if i get only min skills for i-140,change company, can I add skills to that letter by same person.e.g)Lettr X1 from person Y[Skill 1,2,3] then later get X2 from same Y[Skill 1,2,3,4,5,6]. is it ok for 2nd i-140. I mean I cannot possible remember all possible skills in the right word if i worked for 7 years in a company but might be needed for later I-140s

3. Same as 3 but can i edit words e.g)Lotus, Excel->experience with Lotus and also MS Excel. it matters?

4.whats better. get min skills only now, then i can add more skills later or 2)get min skills(word for word) + additional skills now itself

5.My attny says min skills cant be combined from 2 diff co-workers  same company as DOL may think it as discrepancy. But that doesn't seem logical. why is this?

6.For minimum skills should match 100% of the skill set mentioned in letter, correct?

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