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Citizenship interview process

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Will be attending for the Citizenship interview (N-400)  soon.

What happens after the interview is done, on that day .

1)   Will the office let us know right away if we failed or passed the test ?

2)   Do they tells us anything on the approval process, right away  or we wait for few more months to get a formal letter about Oath ceremony ?

3) Does it every happen that your interview date and oath ceremony happens on the same day ?

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In my case (Interview in August 2016) , I was told that they would feed all information I provided into their system and will let me know about next steps or schedule an oath ceremony


Within 10 minutes however I got an alert on phone that my case was in line for oath ceremony

It still took 4 months form interview for the oath ceremony

The processing time varies and you may get a general idea on this web site


Select the form as N-400 and field office nearest to your home  You can use this site for that


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Lots of it depends on the location. Some places do administrative oaths same day, sime have big oath ceremonies with several thousand people every couple months (example for the latter is Los Angeles, they have two events a day, 3500 people each every couple of months.)

I was in one of these big ceremonies in LA, 3 months after the interview, a friend in San Diego had his ceremony a few days after the interview in a much smaller setting.

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