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H4 DS 160 - Visa Appt Questions

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I am on H4 in the US since 2015. My spouse's H1 and my H4 got renewed and are valid till June 2022. I intend to go to India for my H4 visa stamping. So, I started to fill DS-160. I have following questions in "Travel Information" section of my DS-160.

  1. In "Purpose of Trip to the US", I selected "Temporary Worker (H)" and then in the "Specify" drop down I selected "Spouse of an H (H4)". Then a section appeared which said "Principal Applicant Information:" and it has Surname, Given Names, Application Receipt/Petition Number columns. Should I enter my spouse's name and his approved H1 797's receipt number?
  2. I did not see a column in my DS-160 to enter my approved H4 797's receipt number. Is this correct or did I miss it anywhere?

I started taking appointment and have questions in the profile section.

  1. There are 2 columns like below.
    1. Principal Applicant's Name: My name or Spouse name?
    2. Principal Applicant's Visa Class: H4 or H1?
  2. There is a section named "Petitioner".
    1. Petitioner's Name: Spouse (H1) name or his employer name?
    2. Start Date: Start date as per 797
    3. Receipt Number: 797 receipt # of H4 or H1?
    4. Expiration Date: I see 2 dates on my 797. On top section, there is an expiration date (06/20/2022) but on bottom I-94, there is an expiration date (07/01/2022) which is 10 days beyond the expiration date from top section. Which should I enter?

I looked online about these. There are various answers and I got confused. Please suggest. In the whole process of taking appointment, will I find a column to enter my (H4) receipt number?Thank you.


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