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Changing employer on pending I-485 before EAD+AP

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I filed my I-485 AOS along with I-765 EAD and I-131 AP with a receipt date of Nov 5th, 2019. The current processing times for EAD+AP is between 5.5 and 7.5 months. However, I reckon that I could change jobs if my AOS has been pending for 180 days and continue the process with my new employer, provided the job is similar and such.

My questions are:

1. Can I change employers after 180 days even if I don't receive my EAD?

2. My H1B is valid till Nov 2021 and I do have the Visa stamp. I will be transferring my H1B to the new employer after 180 days.  Is this OK?

3. What happens to my EAD if I receive it after I change employers on H1B?


Thank you.

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1. Yes, if you get H1 status

2. Yes, if the employer files and gets an H1 petition approved for you.

3. It remains available to you


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Just another follow up question. Say I get my EAD before 180 days, do I still have to wait 180 days before changing employers? What happens if my interview is also done within 180 days and change employers after that?


Thanks again.

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