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Scenario of LLC while on H1B/ H4 (EAD)

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Hello All,

We are looking at creating a LLC for passive income (rental investment).

Between us and our friends, both our spouses are in H4/EAD. Our current plan is:

1/ Setup a multi-member / partnership LLC in their names, and make then owners

2/ have an operating agreement which will establish x/y/z and will clearly mention that each rental investment (if and when it goes more than 1 unit) is managed by which property management company etc.

3/ Add our names as members in the LLC, but with no signatory authority (no signing checks, approvals, etc).


Will there be any issues in setting up a LLC in the above process?  Will this cause any issue whenever the priority date for our H1Bs become current?


Anyone who has done this, or can chime in - much appreciated.

Thanks all,


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Why do you want to put your names into the LLC? If your wife's have EAD, let them be the owners and take care of the LLC. 

I am assuming you are on H1 and if you get associated to the LLC, its just more paperwork showing you are not involved in the day to day operations. 

You might not run into any issues added you names, but I see more damage than benefit in doing so.

If both are on H4-EAD's and if their EAD's are stuck in processing sometime in the future who will be the one running the operations then?  Atleast on paper.

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