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L1B status after DUI - admin processing

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28th Sept 2018 - arrested for DUI

Oct 2018 - received visa revocation email from ustraveldocs

Oct 2019 - traveling back to India to get visa reapproved

10th Oct 2019 - visa interview at Chennai, issued "instructions for psychological examination" with case number and instructions for the exam. Letter also mentions that "in addition, you will need to provide to the Consulate any documentation regarding your US police record for your visa adjudication to continue. Please submit any requested documents." But I wasn't told anything more; the interviewer just gave the document. 

14th Oct 2019 - got examination done and was told that results would be submitted to the embassy directly and I'll receive further instructions.

01st Nov 2019 - CEAC shows "Administrative processing" and case created 09th Oct and case last updated 01st Nov 2019.

05th Jan 2020 - I contacted  U.S. Embassy in New Delhi and they let me know the following: "case is on hold under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) pending submission of passport and his petition.  The requested documents should be submitted through any of the drop-off facilities listed at http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-loc-documentdropoff.asp.”

However, I never received any instructions via physical or email via a 221g to submit any documents. It's been over 3 months already.

I've also tried contacting NVC but they don't tell me anything apart from what ceac already says. Does anyone have had a similar experience? What options do I have?

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