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Returning Resident - Process?

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Need help and guidance with my situation....

I got Family based green card in 2003 through my uncle who sponsored my parents and me. I stayed in US for about a year and had to come back to India to complete my studies and other financial reasons. 

In 2007, i applied for tourist visa and travelled multiple times to US to visit my uncles family.

i have now completed my studies and would like to return to US on resident visa. How do i reinstate my green card if it was abandoned?

I had just applied I-90 form and they scheduled my biometric fingerprinting appointment but after reading through some forums i am confused on the process. 

can someone help and guide on what i should do? Also, how long does the process usually takes? 

Thanks in Advance! 

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You abandoned the GC and got a visitor visa. That means the GC is gone for good.


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Based on your post, you are not eligible for a returning resident visa.

Did you not tell them that you had a GC when applying for the tourist visa in 2007? 

You should consult a lawyer to make sure that there are no surprises.

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one thing is certain...you are NOT a returning resident....you have remained outside the US for more than a year for reasons that WERE in your control....this process will have to begin anew, with whatever category you are able to qualify for....which sounds like adult child of an LPR, which is around 7-8 years....if they are citizens, then around 3 years.

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