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Visitor Visa denied due to insufficient funds

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My brother-in-law & sister in-law applied in Hyderabad, India for a Visitor visa in 2018 and got denied under 214(b). 
My in-law felt nervous through out the interview and when asked about the funds he accidentally said 2 lakhs instead of 20 lakhs and it ended up with a denial.

He intent to re-apply for the visitor visa in 2020 and I am wondering given the earlier denial was related to insufficient funds

1) would it help, if I (residing in usa) sponsor the trip. (mention in the same ds 160)
2) Or should it be self-sponsor and show sufficient funds in India.

Please advise

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How many times must one state that there is no such thing as sponsorship for B2 visa applicants....???? 1000? 2000? 50,000? There is NO mechanism in place to legally force a third party to pay for anything on behalf of a B2 applicant..a CO will not be impressed and issue a visa when he or she learns that someone else is paying for the trip, etc....it will not be of any positive benefit to any applicant whatsoever.....why? Because no one can be legally compelled to pay for airline tickets, food or entertainment expense, etc, for another person seeking a B2 visa....COs understand that relatives (and occasionally friends, or 'friends') might well subsidize a trip in some way, but that fact will not make a weak case better or a bad case good....at best, it's a neutral thing...the concern to some extent, about the financial position of an applicant is this: does the applicant have sufficient funds to actually pay for the proposed trip to the US in its entirety...and what proportion of that person's income/savings is allocated to that expense?  If some applicant wants to go to Disneyworld for 4 weeks along with his wife and 2 kids, expect to spend about $8000.....including airfare, hotel, food, tickets, souvenirs, etc...at least...and if the applicant has $418.00 in the bank, then who is really paying for this or what is the real purpose of this visa request? Or is the applicant proposing to spend 100% of their savings just to see Mickey Mouse? (that would make no sense whatsoever)

COs do not want B2 visa holders to take up unlawful employment and some third party who offers to pay for that person's trip will not satisfy that particular concern...

COs don't want to see B2 applicants spend their entire alleged savings on one trip to the US...or else why would that person return, broke?

I imagine other things said by your relatives did not inspire confidence in the CO and that is why their applications were denied...

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First they need to let go of the fear and answer the questions that CO asks them clearly. I can totally understand their situation and yours. Just talk to them and get them to relax before the interview. 

If they can show sufficient funds for the trip then why even ask the question.

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