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DUI-H1b Revocation Case

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I recently got charged with DUI violation. I was taken in on 10/31/19 while returning home from a halloween party. My BAC was 0.10. My case desposition is on 12/17/19 with a settlement on Impared driving violation along with 14 weeks of community service. I’d be glad if someone could answer a couple questions regarding my case:

1- My lawyer has claimed my case to be a violation & not criminal offense. I would like to know what are the chances of my visa being revoked as I haven’t received any mail about revocation? How soon should I expect such a revocation letter?

2- Upon revocation, Could I reapply for the visa from my home country (India)? Are the chances of visa denial higher after reapplying revoked visa?

3- It is mandatory for me to travel to India in February 2020. If I haven’t received a revocation letter until Feb would it be advisable to travel? Could I safely return to the US within a month’s time?

4- Does a DUI violation affect H1b renewal?

5- Is there a chance of being sent back if I receive the revocation letter while I am in India?

6- What are the steps to be followed after one receives a revocation? As it could be while I am in the country, in the period that I’ve left for India or even after I come back? I am genuinely worried about my status & would appreciate answers to any or all questions.

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I had this happen to me this past saturday (Dec 21st). I am panicking as crazy, I have my initial court appearance in 2 weeks. Want to know what i should do and expect. How to go with what kind of attorney and what to take care of. I would really appreciate if I can get some advice from you. Or if you would speak with me. Thanks in advance.

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Discuss your matter with an Immigration Lawyer. Which state are you talking about? Your Immigration lawyer will interact with your DUI lawyer for the best possible result. Yes, It will cost a lot of money. But it is necessary. The "Ten Thousand Dollar" ride home is actually at least that much once lawyer's fees, court fees, fines, Rehab and so on are counted.


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On 12/29/2019 at 10:38 PM, FlikkerSingh said:

@Experiencepeace thank you.Just such situations really make you feel very tensed and stressed.

@2018h1bextensionthank you. But is there a way I can find it out?

just FYI, in a similar case, I got my Revocation letter to My email which I used while applying for that visa.

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