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2020 H1b Online Application

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Hi All,

We are keep on hearing about 2020 H1b application via online portal,  as a first step employer will fill out the form with basic info after post lottery pickup we are supposed to send complete documentation, here my question is it recommended to drop more than one H1b application ? i am guessing their will be some kind of logic behind the UI  which can deduct applications matching with same full name or SSN.

Please advice. 


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I will not recommend dropping more than 1 application. It's too simple with only $10 registration fees, it looks more like a trap by USCIS.

We don't know what they have running in the background, so better stay safe than sorry.

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With this change, USCIS actually has the opportunity to find duplicate applications easily. While it currently is legal (though unethical)  to have multiple applications from different employers (if the client is different and the employers are not related) it is very well possible that they are going to change that before April. In particular because no sane employer would file and pay for an H1 if there are applications from other employers for the same person. They will assume that the beneficiary paid for one or all of the applications, which is illegal. So at the minimum I expect lots of RFEs about that.

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