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Visitor Visa for younger brother

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Im working in USA on H1B Visa. My parents have visitor's visa and they visit me once in 2 years. However my younger brother do not have a Visitors visa. My brother is a business man in India and lives with my parents. He wants to visit USA along with my parents next summer for vacation. What are the chances for his visa to be approved. I have heard that Visitors Visa is often rejected for young people. Can we apply visa for tourism? can Visa be approved atleast for the duration of vacation. 

Thanks in advance!

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in general, younger applicants have a more challenging time qualifying, mostly because they are often lacking strong reasons to return to their home country. Visas are not granted for very short terms, as some sort of 'trial run' because if someone is going to violate the terms of a B2 visa, they will usually do the first time....your brother applies and qualifies based solely on his own circumstances, not by his parents', yours, nor anyone else's....no letter of guarantee has any value...no one can guarantee or control the actions of others (legally)...

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