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visitor held after 120 days

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A person I have been wanting to meet in person has been held by US Immigration for 127 days now, recently supposedly by the IRS.

There have been a great number of charges , which I have paid because I have been told that these charges will be refunded when she is released.  am straight with the IRS as far as my personal taxes go, and she is a Philippines citizen and owes no US taxes.  

The USCIS has stated that we are clear, and as far as it is concerned, she should be released. Regardless. the most recent charge, for nearly 4000 USD, was made by the IRS on day 123

My questions are these: 1) How can anybody make new charges after 120 days, especially given that the USCIS has cleared the person; and 2) What authority does the IRS have to delay a person's release?




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You seem to be a victim of a scam. Did you ever get phone calls or emails from an entity claiming to be the IRS? and threatening jail time for your friend if you did not pay up?


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who is sending you the bill for these amounts? IRS cannot legally 'hold' someone in jail without a court hearing. If she is telling you that the IRS is asking for this money, that is a crock of You-Know-What....something is very fishy here.....did this 'friend' arrive on a tourist visa and was 'suddenly' hauled aside by IRS? Impossible.

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