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Extended Stay Concerns for InLaws with Valid Visitor Visa

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Hi All..
I have a question concerned to my  in laws extended stay..... they are on visitors visa.... their visitor visa is valid till 08/31/2028.......

My in laws came to USA on 06/10 and their return ticket is for 12/02 which is close to 6 month visitor period....  

On 11/08/2019 l applied via ONLINE for 2 months extension for my in laws.... asking for extension till 02/10/2020 ..... both of them got biometrics appointment on 11/27 & 12/02 .... I heard we can stay up to 240 days before the decision of approval is made and if the extension request is declined we have to leave immediately......

I  haven’t received any confirmation of receipt or I797c document via physical mail but online there is a pdf document that conveys the receipt date but the document is not I797c so I am confused if my in laws can stay within the country until the extension request is accepted or they have to leave on 12/2

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when the CO who issued their visas discovers their 'change of mind' as far as their proposed length of stay, none of the above will matter, as a good Co will revoke their visas because clearly they have been and want to continue to provide child care so everyone can return to work....I am guessing that during their interview they did not state that they were going to 'visit' for 6 nor certainly 8+ months....I sincerely hope that the CO cancels their visas.....

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