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H1B Transfer ( Multiple Petitions)

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Presently I m working for company A. Recently I got my visa transfer and extension for company B. Now I have an good offer from company C and they wants to start my visa transfer process. I will be joining Company B next month so I don't have hard copy of my new petition from Company B  yet. So below are my questions...

1) Company C wants to start my visa transfer process now. So can I give my company A documents and petition for Company C for visa transfer and extension as I don't have my latest approved petition copy which is filed by Company B?                      

2) By the time my visa transfer process start for Company C. I will be working with Company B and my Company A visa will be invalid ( because as soon as I resign from Company A they will cancel my visa)  Is that okay?

3) If Company C visa gets rejected will that affect my current petiton ( Company B).

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1. Yes.

2. Talk to Company C's attorney and they will suggest you the best option. You are playing with too many things here and in search of a good offer hope you don't run into any legal issues.  

3. No, it will not.

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