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Mother's Name mismatch in my birth certificate and my passport

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I have the following issue and any help appreciated

1. My mother had two names which was a cultural practice. My birth certificate uses name 1 and my US passport and my marriage certificate has name 2

2. I was able to get green card with an affidavit from my dad about a decade ago stating both the names are the same

3. Now I plan to apply for Green card for my dad. And my mom is no more.

4. Can I get an affidavit done through a notarized official that all the names pertain to the same person? Will this be sufficient for I-130?

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I am in a situation slightly similar to yours.

I am applying for GC based on marriage and my Father's name is different on my BC compared to Marriage Certificate and my passport.

Was your mother's full name different or just last/first?


You response would be much appreciated.


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I have a similar problem. I think you can give a sworn affidavit that the names are the alias of the same person, similar to preferred name and given name in US. Give some type of proof 

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