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Visitor visa for parents

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I have moved to USA 4 months back on H1b visa. I want to invite my father on visitor visa for few weeks. I'm wondering if my duration of stay in US is too short to invite and is there any recommended duration to improve visa stamping chances?

Please provide the suggestions..

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your time in the US (legally) is not a factor when another person applies for a tourist visa nor is some silly invitation letter...an invitation letter does not bestow any special status to the recipient....it does not and will not make a weak case strong nor a bad case good. It is not a requirement that a B2 applicant have such a letter.....if presented, it won't even be read as it has zero value in the B2 process. 

Why do so many people believe that applying for a B2 visa is some sort of game to be played with a CO? As if there were some magic words to chant to the CO which will cast a spell over him or her, or that some piece of paper will sway a CO towards a favorable decision? PAPERS mean absolutely nothing in the B2 process....no letter from anyone that promises anything will be taken into consideration during an interview...none....not from a relative, friend, congressman or dog catcher....the only thing that a letter proves is that someone sat down and used a word processor....nothing else.

The bank account, job, car model, shoe size or favorite color of some interested third party is not taken into account when an applicant seeks a B2 visa.....period.

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Your time in the US is not relevant. Your father has to qualify on his own, he has to convince the officer that he will return to his home country.

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