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Husband and Wife on H1B same company, same appointment slots

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I am new here in this forum and have a question. My wife and me are both H1Bs working for the same American based company. I am working since 2.5 years and her since 1 year.

We are visiting India and are required to stamp. We have already scheduled our interview with one of the consulates offices in India. The interview is already scheduled for both of us on the same day with the same MRV receipt on the same slot. 

Wanted to know if the same appointment slot for both of us is of any concern. Kindly share your experiences and expert opinion.

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No you cannot have same slot of 2 different H1B. Both must be different slots. You can have H1B and H4 together but not H1B and H1B together since H1B is primary and you can take other depends H4 with same interview but not H1B-H1B since 1 H1B cannot be dependent on others. As far as I know I feel what you did is not allowed. I always do H1B-H4 in same slot.

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You both are separate for interview purpose. They may consider interviewing together, however both decisions are independent of each other and requires separate applications.

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