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Is this normal?

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We received notice of PERM being audited in May '19. 

The application was first filed in Jan '19. 

From the DoL processing times page, I see that as of 9/30, applications with priority date Feb '19 are being adjudicated. 

It is November, and I have still not heard any news on the PERM status. 

Is this normal? Past priority date, but no news as yet?

Thank you!

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Lawyer says sometimes it can take up to 3 months from the month listed on the icert.doleta processing times. 

Currently PERM audit applications from Feb are being reviewed, but this has been the case since end of September. 

It is quite stressful since I am out of the country last 7 weeks waiting for PERM approval. 

What reason could there be...is this typical? 

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